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Golf Lessons at Gateway National

We Teach People, Not a Method

St. Louis Golf LessonsOur teaching philosophy at Gateway National Golf Links is based on "Individual Game Improvement."

Every player arrives with unique physical attributes and individual athletic abilities. We tailor your personal program to you and not to a prescribed method.

Our philosophy is founded on the fundamentals of grip, posture, and alignment. These pre-swing fundamentals have a profound effect on the reason we play - "Ball Flight." From the focus on grip, posture, and alignment we can build a golf swing for your physical attributes. These philosophies apply equally to the full swing or the short game.

At Gateway National Golf Links "We Teach People, Not a Method."

Lessons by all professionals are 45 minutes in length.

Gift certificates are available in various denominations for golf lessons - and for golf merchandise and greens fees, too.

St. Louis Golf Instructor

Bob Tays

PGA Director of Instruction

2016 Gateway PGA Teacher of the Year

Single Lesson $100
3 Lessons $270
6 Lessons $500
12 Lessons $850


Kevin Triefenbach

PGA Director of Golf

Single Lesson $95
3 Lessons $250

Gateway National Golf Links
18 Golf Drive, Madison, IL 62060
Phone: IL 618-482-4653 or
MO 314-421-4653
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